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Why doTERRA?

There are many brands of essential oils on the market – so why do I choose doTERRA? Well, there are several reasons.

First and most importantly, not all oils are created equal. Quality, purity and potency vary widely between brands. doTERRA’s oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils – they are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, purity, potency – and are rigorously tested to ensure that.

I did my homework very thoroughly when I started using essential oils – not only was I using them with my very small kiddo, but I was using them with my patients too. I needed to feel 100% comfortable and confident in what I was recommending.

I know with 100% certainly that doTERRA’s oils do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers or any other harmful ingredient. I also know that quality and purity testing has been done at every step of the way, from growing to harvesting to distilling to bottling.

Another aspect of doTERRA that I have grown to love, and that is very important to me, is Co-impact sourcing. doTERRA sources its oils from many different countries around the world – each oil is sourced from the location where that plant is native. This is great for us as the users as those plants produce the highest quality oil. It makes sense that where a plant is native it is going to be its strongest and best. (After all, would you drink wine from Italy or wine from Siberia?)

With co-impact sourcing, doTERRA is committed to enhancing the communities it works with – making sure their quality of life is enhanced, that they are able to bring more resources to the regions – many of which is in developing nations and are struggling with severe poverty and a low standard of living. Given that in today’s day and age there is so much greed and exploitation in large corporations, knowing that doTERRA’s commitment to sewing into its partners is massively important to me.

Further, they have a large non-profit foundation called Healing Hands, which donates to many different causes that they believe in – ranging from building schools and putting in wells in impoverished nations, to assisting with disaster relief in places like Nepal and Haiti, to supporting Operation Underground Railway to overcome human trafficking, and supporting autism research on our home soil.

doTERRA’s corporate culture, it’s ethics, it’s heart for helping communities and individuals, and it’s high ethical standards make it an inspiring company to be involved with.

Great oils + great company = win-win for us all.