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Hi and welcome! I’m Dr. Nicola Ducharme, an Aussie girl at heart with an unshakable passion for health and wellness. It’s become my life’s work to help people live their happiest and healthiest lives.


Through my private practice, four books, Dr. Nicola’s Wellness Community and integrative health courses, I’m proud to have created a health-driven business and community that has impacted thousands.


I was brought up by an obsessively healthy mum. My days were spent eating my veggies and being dragged from one hike to the next so it’s no great surprise that my first job was in the fitness industry. I started out teaching aerobics and designing weight training programs and was instantly hooked on helping people get healthy.


After a while I wanted to do more than help people with their fitness and outer appearance because I knew they also needed to get healthy on the inside. This led me to pursue more education in nutrition and eventually natural medicine. I earned my Bachelor in Health Sciences (Naturopathy) in Australia before moving to the United States in my mid-20’s on the next leg of my great life adventure.


During an internship as a research assistant at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, I saw a bigger vision for my life and packed up and moved to Seattle. Four short years later, I obtained my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. Grateful for that experience, but in search of drier climate, I moved to San Diego in 2003.


Soon after, I started my private practice, RestorMedicine. At first I treated mostly autism-spectrum disorders; but then my specialty expanded to include Lyme disease, and now, that’s pretty much my thing. I’ve written four books on the subject and worked with thousands of patients. Helping people who haven’t been able to find help anywhere else is deeply rewarding.


I currently live in San Diego with my husband, Dave, and our daughter Valentina. We have two dogs, four rabbits and a horse (my husband has jokingly started calling me Dr. Dolittle). When I’m not helping others get healthy you’ll find me with my family, at the barn or hopping on a plane to visit one of our favorite cities.


Thank you for being here. I can’t wait to get to know you better. Which brings me to the reason I’ve done all of this – YOU! I’m here to serve you. I know it can be tough to get started on a journey to better health but let me assure you that you’re in the right place and now is the right time to get started.


I’m excited to share my guide to reclaiming your energy, naturally. A common issue when it comes to getting healthy is finding the energy to start your journey in the first place.



This value filled guide, One Week to Stop Feeling Tired, Naturally is a short ebook and video series that will give you the tools to feel energized and ready to become a happier and healthier version of yourself.  Just click here and let’s get started. 


Also, I would love for you to join my Facebook group – Dr. Nicola’s Wellness Community.


I’m excited to help you kick off your journey. See you there.