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My Favorite Things

NeoSauna Infrared Sauna

Top of the line infrared saunas, offering a combination of near, mid and far infrared waves. These saunas are low-EMF, made of hypoallergenic wood, and do not contain toxic resins and glues. They are the only infrared sauna to have a Himalayan salt wall built in to even further boost detoxification and create beneficial negative ions.

AMD IonCleanse Ionic Footbath

The AMD IonCleanse is a great tool for supporting detoxification. The only ionic footbath made in the United States, it contains a unique dual-polarity system, creating negative ions to draw out positively charged toxins (such as toxic metals), as well as positively charged ions to draw out negatively charged toxins (such as ammonia, glyphosate and mold toxins).

Pure Air Doctor

Top-of-the-line air treatment systems and accessories to reduce allergens, mold spores, bacteria and viruses in your home. I recommend the IQAir Health Pro Plus for hospital-grade air filtration. Use Health Provider code 114.

New Beginnings Nutritionals

New Beginnings Nutritionals offers a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements and herbs, with a focus on helping children on the autism spectrum. As such, they carry many liquid and powder products that are easier to give children, and focus on gluten/casein free products.


Carrying thousands of different products including top brands such as Designs for Health, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Labs, Metagenics, Klaire Labs – you can access practitioner-grade products all in the one place.

doTERRA Essential Oils

High-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils – both single oils and blends, that can help your family navigate many different health challenges. A free introductory webinar on how to use essential oils for the whole family is available as a guide.


The Secret is Hypnosis at

A wide selection of over 500 downloadable self-hypnosis recordings designed to help reprogram your subconscious to support healing, learning, memory, health, fitness, emotional healing, pain relief, relationships, success, happiness etc.

Body Ecology

Body Ecology offers products to help support a health microbiome and ecology, and address candida, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, chronic fatigue, weight gain and many other chronic conditions.


Offering nutritional products to help you biohack your body, Bulletproof are well known for their Bulletproof coffee. They also sell collagen protein, healthy oil supplements, and collagen protein bars.

US Wellness Meats

The highest quality, healthiest meats on the planet! All grass-fed, never given antibiotics or hormones, sugar-free “processed” meat products (still made with 100% grass-fed meat), and delivery to your door!

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

Bone broth is a top source of collagen and amino acids, and has vital healing capacities for the gut, and the body as a whole. This range of bone broth are 100% organic, include chicken or beef, and come in plain as well as tasty flavors.