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How To Order

Congratulations on making the decision to enhance the health of your whole family. Now let’s get essential oils into your hands so you can utilize them and enjoy the benefits.

  • The first thing to know is that you can get doTERRA essential oils at wholesale prices – so while you can purchase at retail, why would you?!
  • As a wholesale customer you get 25% off all your essential oils, supplements, home cleaning and personal care products for the whole year.
  • There is an annual membership fee is $35. You’ll easily make that $35 back with your wholesale pricing.
  • There are no minimum purchase requirements, or requirements for auto-ship or monthly orders. However, if you do choose to order every month, you will be eligible for the Loyalty Rewards Program, where you can earn free product credits and get free oils every single month.
  • Here’s my tip for the best way to start – order an Introductory Kit! This waives the $35 fee, and gives you the best oil collection – 6 single oils and 4 blends that will cover a myriad of different health concerns and goals.

Ready? Let’s get started.

How to Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils and Wellness Products at Retail

If you simply want to purchase one or two things, then you may place a retail order. Just visit here and click on Shop at the top of the page and away you go!

However, if you want to take advantage of wholesale pricing and other opportunities for free and discounted oils, then follow the directions below. Remember, there is no obligation to order monthly or have an auto-ship if you are a wholesale customer, but there are many more opportunities for getting free and discounted oils.

How to Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils and Wellness Products at Wholesale

Visit my online doTERRA store here.

  1. Click “Join and Save” at the top, the Join doTERRA.
  2. Select your shipping country and country of residence.
  3. The next screen will give you a choice between membership types.
  • Wholesale Customer – if you want to use the oils, get 25% discount, as well as being eligible to earn free product credits, set up Loyalty Rewards orders, get free product of the month. This is a good choice if you are ordering oils for personal use only.
  • Wellness Advocate – this gives you the same benefits as a wholesale customer, but means that you would also be eligible to receive commissions if you choose to create your own business. If you think you might want to share oils, get your own oils paid for, or create your dream business, then choose this option.
  1. Follow the prompts to enter your personal information.
  1. The enroller and sponsor information should already be filled in, but if not, make sure to use 1022764. That will ensure that we end up together!
  2. You will end up at a screen with a box to enter your order and you order one of two ways –
  • Choose specific oils

If you know what oils you want to order, and you are choosing not to start with a kit, you simply add the “introductory packet” to your cart, and this will put the $35 membership fee on your order.  This will enable you to order whichever oils you’d like at the 25% discount.

  • Choose an Introductory kit

If you would like to purchase a starter (introductory) kit, then you do not have to add the Introductory Packet, as your $35 fee is waived with all the kits!

Once you have added your kit you can add any other oils or products individually that you would like to have in addition.

There are a range of starter kits available – click here for the full range. The larger the kit, the more free product credits you are eligible for as soon as you purchase it, and the greater the discount.

Click here for the full descriptions of the enrollment kits.

Once your kit is added to your shopping cart, add any other individual products you might want, and then complete the check out process.

You will have the opportunity to set up your Loyalty Rewards Order at the end. Remember – you are under no obligation to order every month, but the Loyalty Rewards Program is an opportunity to get free product credits (10-30% back on everything you order, and earn the free product of the month). My team members and I can help you get that set up if you need some guidance there, but just keep a wish list of what else you want to get and that’s the perfect way to order it.

If you have any questions or need any help at all, just drop me an email.