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Essential Oils

I’ll be honest, we didn’t learn about essential oils in naturopathic medical school. I had always thought of them as some lovely smelly bottles to put in a diffuser just to make the room smell good.

canstockphoto13256534 (1)A few years ago, a patient demonstrated to me the full power and potential of essential oils. She had utilized essential oils to rebuild her health and strengthen her body in the midst of a debilitating chronic illness, and the transformation was profound. I was intrigued.

I have been on a great learning journey since then, and I’ve never looked back.

Must Have for Every Family

I am now convinced that essential oils are a must-have for every family, and I am very passionate about teaching and educating on their safe and beneficial use. I love that I get to see families becoming more self-sufficient and empowered in their health care, not having to run to the doctor or take over-the-counter medicines for every sniffle or tummy upset.

Whole Body Support

essential oils whole body supportThere are oils to support every system – helping to strengthen the body so that it can heal itself. They can support immune function, promote healthy digestion, assist in healthy sleep patterns, moods, cognitive function, and so much more. Every age group can benefit from essential oils.

Essential oils are more potent than herbs since they come from the aromatic oils of the plant – they are very concentrated for that reason are highly effective. Also because of that potency, a small amount goes a long way!

Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are three primary ways to utilize essential oils – aromatically, topically and internally. The oil itself and the body part or system affected will dictate how the oil is used. You can read more about that here.

When I first researched essential oils, I needed to know that I was using the best quality – firstly because I was using them with my newborn (at the time); and secondly because I was recommending them to patients in my practice. I needed to know that the oils I was utilizing and teaching others about were the very best available. I did my due diligence, and am 100% confident that the essential oils I recommend are the very best out there. The company does testing on all batches of their oils to ensure purity, potency and consistency, and all their oils meet the highest standards.

I love to teach and mentor people in using essential oils. I have a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who help me in sharing knowledge, resources, and support for people who are ready for a better health care plan for themselves and their families.

One of the great things about obtaining essential oils is that everyone can purchase oils at wholesale prices! If you would like to get a membership, the fee is only $35 a year, and then you get 25% of all your oils, supplements, personal care and cleaning products. There are also amazing and affordable introductory kits that provide even greater value.

Click here for information on how to order essential oils.

Learn More

It’s easy to get started with this very powerful health-promoting modality. Send me a message and I’ll make sure you get the perfect kit for you, and all the information you need. I’ll make sure to throw in some free stuff too!