Could Lyme Disease Be Causing All Your Chronic Health Issues? Find Out With This Six-minute Lyme Questionnaire.

Lyme-Ed for Patients

In over 20 hours of teaching, Dr. Nicola imparts her wealth of knowledge and experience in treating Lyme disease. Everything she knows about Lyme disease is in this program, empowering and educating patients to be pro-active in their own health care. The program includes how-to guides, diet guides, and protocols – practical information you can implement right away. With everything from getting the most out of lab testing, antibiotic treatment, herbal approaches, detoxification strategies, nutrition, hormone imbalance, digestive issues and emotional healing, this is the only comprehensive program of its kind on the topic of chronic Lyme disease.

Lyme-Ed for Practitioners

With the same thoroughness and high standards as Lyme-Ed for Patients, this practitioner-focussed program helps practitioners to understand and navigate the complexities of Lyme disease. The program would be beneficial for medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, naturopathic doctors, etc that are seeing chronically ill patients and feel out of their depth. Dr. Nicola’s logical and clear teaching style breaks the treatment priorities down into step-by-step approaches and includes clearly spelled out protocols.


The Candida Solution

This course was created for people who want to heal their gut fully through a comprehensive and holistic approach that goes far beyond Candida overgrowth (which is usually just a symptom of a bigger problem). It also touches on the dynamics of Candida in fertility, pregnancy, and children. From testing for Candida overgrowth to treatment options to dietary modifications – we cover it all!

5 Infections That Can Cause Behavioral Issues in Children

If your child is struggling with mood, behavior or cognition, this course is for you. It will give you an insight into the role that infections can play in neurological function and explains the mechanisms by which they can impact the brain. It will teach you about five key infections that could be impacting your child: Strep, Clostridia, Candida, Borrelia and Bartonella. You will learn how to test for these infections and treatment options for each.

Mold Illness Made Simple

This program, written and presented by Shoemaker-certified doctor Sandeep Gupta, MD, includes much-needed information on mold illness and CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome). Covering everything from knowing how to evaluate your home for mold toxicity, testing yourself for various markers of CIRS, and treatment protocols and priorities, this program will bridge the gap in your knowledge on mold illness.