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Health and wellness enthusiasts, patients, and practitioners:

I am so excited to announce my new website and new look!

My mission has always been (and will always be) rooted in my unshakable passion for health and wellness. Finding ways to optimize your health and happiness will always be on the priority list, and this website will allow me to elevate the experience for you, and make sure everyone feels included and that this information is for them.

Why the Name Change?

I’ll always be The Naturopathic Mama and have a huge place in my heart for mamas especially those managing health issues in their kiddos … but I also want to be able to inform and help everyone, from the 20-somethings all the way through the grandpas.

What to Expect Moving Forward

This new website wasn’t just a vanity upgrade. I’ve been working hard on the backend to create new content, resources, and solutions designed to elevate your health and overall happiness. From resources on Biohacking to a new Candida course (coming soon!) and so much more, I’m here to guide the way!

I hope you love my new home and thank you for continuing to show me what is possible for my offerings.

I can’t wait to create more value for you,
Dr. Nicola