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Rescue Remedy Helps With Stress and AnxiousnessFlower essences have been around for ages and play a valuable role in health. Perhaps the best known of all is Rescue Remedy, a blend of Bach flower essences. Rescue Remedy helps with stress and anxiousness and has a lovely, calming effect.

I find flower essences to be subtle and yet effective in helping with emotional stressors of day-to-day. Rescue Remedy, as the name implies, is used for those moments where you need a little “rescuing”, a little emergency calm down. Obviously, if major health issues are occurring, it is still important to seek medical attention, but I have found that even in those moments, a little Rescue Remedy can help to take the edge off anxiety and stress.

Rescue Remedy is kind of a short-term aid. For people working through deeper and longer-term emotional challenges, a more personalized flower essence formula may be more appropriate. Here are some examples of times that I have personally used Rescue Remedy.

  1. For those nerves before going into exams.
  2. For jitters before going to do a talk in front of people.
  3. Coming in after a run where I tripped and fell and grazed my knee.
  4. After an argument with my husband where I felt all stressed out.
  5. In the dog’s water when we moved house and he was adjusting.
  6. In the dog’s water after he had several teeth pulled and was not a happy boy.

And the list goes on. You can see that it’s best used to take the edge off an acute situation.

Rescue Remedy comes in a small dropper bottle that can easily be carried around in one’s purse, car, diaper bag or hand luggage when traveling. There is an alcohol-free version for kids and pets, and there are also pastilles, a spray, a cream and others.

  • Star of Bethlehem – Orithogalum umbellatum
  • Rock Rose – Helianthemum
  • Cherry Plum – Prunus cerasifera
  • Impatiens – Impatiens gladulifera
  • Clematis – Clematis vitalba

Rescue Remedy is an old favorite of mine for gentle, safe, subtle assistance with calming and managing stress.