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Two Ways To Detoxify GlyphosateLast week I talked about the evil chemical glyphosate, and how detrimental it can be to our health. We talked about ways to test for it to evaluate our load in the body. Today I’m going to give you two ways to detoxify glyphosate from the body. To recap, glyphosate is the chemical found in the herbicide Round-Up, as well as being in over 700 products ranging from herbicides to household products. It can have many adverse effects on the health of one’s body, and may be a contributor to chronic health concerns including autism-spectrum disorders.

The key to minimizing glyphosate in the body is to not take it in – which means eating organic food that has not been treated with products that contain it. It also means not eating anything genetically-modified, as GMO crops have been developed to be glyphosate-resistant.

But what about existing body stores?  What to do about those? There are two methods I’ve found so far that can be helpful.

(1) MetalPul by Researched Nutritionals

This is a supplement that was actually developed to help detoxify heavy metals. It contains humic acid, which acts as to draw toxins from the cells and help to excrete them from the body.

It also contains cilantro, which is known to detoxify heavy metals, and chlorella, which further acts as a binder.

It is the humic acid that is most effective in drawing glyphosate out of the cells and tissues, binding it and excreting it from the body.

The dose for an adult is 3 capsules daily (1-2 daily for children depending on size/weight); and it appears to work best when the capsules are taken all together.

(2) AMD IonCleanse

I’ve written about the AMD IonCleanse before as a wonderful detox tool for heavy metals, but it detoxes so much more than that. The AMD IonCleanse is unique amongst footbaths in that it creates a dual polarity. The negative ions created draw positively-charged toxins such as heavy metals; that’s where most footbaths stop. The IonCleanse also creates positively charged ions, which draw negatively-charged toxins, including herbicides including glyphosate, as well as ammonia, and guess what? Mycotoxins (but more on that later).

A study was done examining glyphosate levels pre- and post-treatment with the IonCleanse footbath, evaluated through the Great Plains Lab glyphosate test. The therapy group of 10 participants demonstrated a 52% decrease in mean glyphosate levels after using the footbath over a course of 30 days, while the control group only demonstrated a 15% decrease in glyphosate levels. 52% decrease! That’s over half the original tested level in 30 days, which one assumed would continue to drop with continued use.

Click here to read more about the AMD IonCleanse. It’s such a valuable tool in our health and healing. The company is very easy to work with as well, they offer a payment plan and stand behind their device so much that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Glyphosate is a peril of modern agriculture; it’s been so widely used, and is so important to the makers of GMO-crops that they’ve developed seeds that are resistant to it so that it can still be used for surrounding weeds and undesirable crops, without harming the farmed crop itself. We want to avoid it wherever we can; but at least now we know of some valid options for pulling it from the body where toxicity has already occurred.