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Could Breast Implants Be Making Your Sick?I posted an article in The Naturopathic Mama Community Facebook group the other day about Breast Implant Illness (BII), and I realized that I wanted to share some information here as well for all to see. Breast implant illness is one of those things that relatively few women are aware of – and yet millions of women worldwide have breast implants. A dear friend of mine was impacted by breast implant illness, to the degree that her implants caused horrible symptoms of chronic illness. She was ridiculed by two plastic surgeons before finding a specialist who understood the connection; she had her implants removed, and it still took a full year after that to fully  detoxify her body and regain her health, but regain it she did. Could breast implants be making you sick? Read on for the personal experience of my friend. We’ll call her Ms. H. for privacy’s sake.

Awareness is key here. Had I known, it could have saved me years of illness. I had saline implants for 16 years which caused over 52 symptoms that were slowly killing me. Because our medical doctors are told that these devices are safe, they do not know the right questions to ask regarding breast implants. They are told that implants do not cause problems, so when problems arise, our doctors look in other directions. I had to figure it out on my own, which took me several years and praise God I did! Implants are foreign objects in which the body will consistently fight which in return causes systemic inflammation and autoimmunity. There are many different symptoms breast implant illness can cause and most are the same for women. The most common seem to be depression, anxiety, joint pain, muscle pain/fibromyalgia, IBS, gut issues with stomach pain and food allergies/sensitivities, low sex drive, hair loss, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, breathing issues/shortness of breath, hormone fluctuations, infertility, head aches, body aches and pains and many more!

Due to the chronic inflammation and your body being so unbalanced for an extended period of time, they may also cause chronic disease such as lupus, ulcerative colitus, Crohn’s disease, cancer and more. If you have the MTHFR mutation, your symptoms most likely will be worse.

If you, or anyone you know has breast implant illness, I suggest looking into explanting ASAP. There is also a proper way of explanting by removing the capsule (scar tissue). If left, it can continue to cause illness. Here is a good website for more information: and the FB group that I found for excellent information and support is Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole.

I do want to add…I explanted Dec.2015 and was not healed completely until Dec.2016! With the help of my homeopath, against the odds, (due to having them for so long) I healed completely!!! I no longer have any BII symptoms but it does not happen overnight. I would have not known how to properly detox myself so I do recommend having a homeopath or naturopath to assist with the healing process.


One of the things I found interesting is that her implants were saline. In my ignorance I would have thought that saline was pretty benign, and that the silicone would be the trouble-makers. But I would have been really wrong!

Dr. Axe wrote an article about health concerns with breast implants – click here to read his.

Here’s the link to the informative site Ms. H. refers to.

Here’s the link to the Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole Facebook group. That group has 34,000 members – 34,000, that’s a lot! This is obviously a bigger deal than most of us acknowledge or even think about.

If you have breast implants and chronic health issues, this may be something to look at. Thank you to Ms. H. for sharing information and her experience in such a generous and thoughtful way. We all need to learn from one another. Breast implant illness is coming up more on my radar now and I’m going to be talking with more of my female patients with implants about it.