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Molecular Hydrogen WaterI thought alkaline water was a pretty cool thing, but in my mind, alkaline water has been somewhat left behind in the light of new technology, and a device that creates molecular hydrogen water. I have had the pleasure and fortune of having received one of the Trusii water systems that produces molecular hydrogen-infused water, and it is truly amazing. Not only is it the best, cleanest-tasting water I’ve ever experienced, but I actually feel a boost when I drink it. My energy picks up, my brain perks up, and I feel uplifted throughout my whole body.

So how does it work?

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule of them all (remember your periodic table?!) and it represents 90% of matter in the universe. We know hydrogen well as it is a part of H2O – water. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 – 2 molecules of hydrogen with 2 molecules of oxygen. Molecular hydrogen is 2 hydrogen atoms combined into 1 molecule (H2).

When infused into water, hydrogen acts as an incredible antioxidant and energizer. It does this by neutralizing free radicals which serves to protect all of our cells. Because of its small molecular size, it penetrates easily and rapidly into tissues, including crossing the blood-brain barrier to benefit the brain.

Hydrogen boosts energy by increasing NADH, a compound that is necessary for converting energy from food to ATP, which is our energy currency.

Researched Nutritionals, a supplement company that I love and respect highly, came out with a product over a year ago that provides molecular hydrogen. It is a tablet that can be added to water and consumed immediately. It is a great product, and I have seen much benefit from that in patients for energy and brain clarity. It’s called H2Absorb and you can read about it here.

One step better in my view, is to have a water-producing machine in your own home, so that you have an unlimited supply of molecular hydrogen-infused water. Trusii provides such a machine – it’s simple to use, produces amazingly clean and delicious water, and even better, can help significantly with energy, cognitive function, anti-aging, sports recovery, and clear vibrant skin.

I noticed the other day that Dr. Perricone, an MD who has a nutraceutical-based skin-care line, has produced a hydrogen water product, and is researching the incorporation of hydrogen into his skin care products. That reinforces to me that this is cutting-edge science, and a way of the future. (BTW I think his skin care products are pretty cool but definitely high end, I have found another skin care line that contains the same active ingredients and nutraceuticals at a fraction of the price – I’ll write more about that next week.)

Trusii has a case-study program that it is running, which may enable some individuals to be eligible to receive a machine and be fully compensated for it. Email me if that is something you would like to learn more about – it’s a great opportunity to be able to access one of these sophisticated machines and have it paid for, in return for providing information and feedback on your response to the water. You can read about the machine here.

I’m a huge fan of hydrogen water now. So far I have one machine at my office, and all of our patients who try it rave about it, it definitely has something special to offer. I’m excited for more people to be able to access this technology and receive the benefits too.