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Essential Oil Blend To Ease Joint and Muscle DiscomfortDo you struggle with discomfort of your joints and muscles? There can be so many different causes, but it can be so debilitating. I’m a runner and am no stranger to aching muscles – some days I feel about 100 years old and need some relief, so I turn to my essential oils. My friend Heather shared with me this essential oil blend to ease joint and muscle discomfort, and I can vouch for it working really well. Are you familiar with how to make a roller bottle with essential oils? If yes, great! Maybe this discomfort recipe is new to you and something to try. If not, welcome! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Generally speaking, roller bottles make for easy, targeted essential oil application at home or on the go. Diluting the essential oils helps drive the oil into the targeted tissue, extends the effects of the oils on the tissue, and reduces the amount of essential oils used therefore helping your precious bottles of oils last longer! Typically, fractionated coconut oil (FCO) is the most popular carrier oil for dilution, but jojoba, almond, or chia seed oil are good options as well. Jojoba oil is especially handy to use for use on the face, since some people don’t tolerate FCO on their faces well.

When it comes to dilution ratios and how much essential oil to use with the carrier oil, it really is quite individualized. There are general guidelines, however if you feel compelled to use a little less, or a little more, go for it! Take note of how the roller affects you, and make adjustments as you see fit while keeping in mind that it’s recommended to start off with fewer drops of essential oil, and add as necessary.

So, those general guidelines would be helpful to have, wouldn’t they? Well, here they are. See the chart below for the full guide. Keep in mind that generally, 10% dilution is the maximum recommendation for adults, so 20 TOTAL drops of essential oils with the carrier oil in a 10ml roller bottle.

If all this dilution information is old news for you and you’ve just been reading to get the Discomfort Blend, thanks for hanging in there, and here it is!

Oils in the blend: Copaiba, Siberian Fir, Frankincense, Deep Blue blend, Birch (can sub Wintergreen for Birch)

  • Copaiba: Soothing and protective for the nervous system (pain receptors are part of the nervous system), anti-inflammatory
  • Siberian Fir: Relaxing, soothing to muscles
  • Frankincense: Relaxing, promotes healthy cellular function, soothing, supports the nervous system, anti-inflammatory
  • Deep Blue: Soothing to muscles, cooling
  • Birch: Soothing, warming
  • Wintergreen: Shares the same primary chemical constituent as Birch (methyl salicylate), providing similar benefits if you don’t happen to have Birch.

To make this blend, a good starting place would be to use equal parts of each oil, and build from there (i.e. one drop of each, then build up to 4 drops of each or any other combination that adds up to 20 total drops).

I find this to be a pretty powerful blend, I hope it helps you too!