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How To Detox Lead From The BodyHeavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum and cadmium can be very harmful to the body. I see it frequently in my patients. So in my own ongoing habit of checking my metals, adrenals, thyroid etc., I did my own heavy metal labs to make sure my sushi habit wasn’t creeping my mercury up. I was shocked at what I saw. Mercury was a bit high, but my lead level was 19 (it should be less than 2), and my bismuth was 54 (it should be less than 4). Wheweeeee, it’s time to physician heal thyself! I’m designing a protocol for myself, and thought I’d share some ideas about how to detox lead from the body in case any of you are in the same boat!

Firstly, of course, we want to look at underlying cause. Frankly I have no idea about the bismuth, unless it’s coming along with the lead. I’m certainly not gulping down Pepto-Bismal for breakfast every day. Since we live in a house that was build in the 1920’s, contaminated water is my first though for the source of lead. We have an alkalinization system attached to our kitchen plumbing, but at this point I’m doubting how well it’s actually filtering the water. Since we have a new molecular hydrogen water machine on the way that requires 5 gallon drums of water on top of it, I may even just order a water service for a while until I figure this piece out.

Two of our main chelators for detoxing heavy metals are DMSA and EDTA (there’s also DMPS but I don’t use that as much).  DMSA has a stronger affinity for mercury, while EDTA has a stronger affinity for lead. Having said that, the test I did was provoked with 2000mg DMSA, so clearly it had enough chelating effect on lead to push it out then.

EDTA can be given by IV, however I have found that that’s not necessary. In the past I’ve had patients use EDTA suppositories; but have recently discovered and ordered liposomal EDTA by Quicksilver. That gives better absorption than oral EDTA without having to use suppositories or do IVs, both which as a little more invasive.

I still like DMSA, and will still use some given that my mercury was mildly elevated – it was 8.6 and should be <4.

Along with those two key chelators, I’ll use a product called IMD Intestinal Cleanse, which contains a special insoluble thiol groups that bind metals, to make sure the metals aren’t reabsorbed through the intestines and are actually excreted.  And of course, whenever we chelate we need extra minerals on non-chelating days to make sure we keep our levels good.

So here’s what I’ve put together so far –

  • DMSA 500mg (compounding pharmacy) – one three times daily, days 1-3 of weekly cycle.
  • Liposomal EDTA (Quicksilver) – one teaspoon every morning.
  • Intestinal IMD (Quicksilver) – two scoops daily with dinner.
  • Core Minerals (Researched Nutritionals) – 3 before bed, days 4-7 of weekly cycle.
  • Trifortify Glutathione (Researched Nutritionals) – 1 teaspoon on empty stomach in the morning.

When I first found out these results just a few days ago, I wanted to jump onto something, so I started Zeolite by ResultsRNA. I’ve been doing 12 sprays daily for a loading dose. Valentina was intrigued so I’m giving her 3 sprays daily as well, with the thought that she drinks a ton of water and it’s been from the same source as mine.

I already take liposomal glutathione, which I think is key for detox overall, and heavy metal detox.

I’d say this protocol is pretty intensive, but I tend to tolerate things well, I don’t have any other health issues, and I detox well. Plus I’m more than a little freaked out by how high my levels are, so I’m motivated to get it done! We no longer have our infra-red sauna as we had to make room for our ozone treatments, but infra-red sauna is generally excellent for heavy metal detox too.

For anyone dealing with heavy metal issues I hope this gives you a few ideas of how to go about detoxing them. I’ll retest in 2 months and report back with progress!