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New Jasmine, Rose and Neroli Essential OilsOnce upon a time, the only way to receive two of doTERRA’s most precious oils with through a yearly promotion. This story has a happy ending though, because those two oils – Jasmine and Rose – will be available starting October 2nd in prediluted rollers! The new Jasmine, Rose and Neroli Essential Oils make up the three new Touch Blends from doTERRA.

Jasmine – A very labor-intensive oil, it takes 1.5 days of work for the 21,000 petals necessary to produce a 5ml bottle of Jasmine to be collected. Jasmine is actually an absolute – the waxes and petals are extracted, then the highly-concentrated aromatics are separated. Jasmine has a very unique scent, and is often used in perfumes and skincare products, in part due to its ability to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote a glowing complexion. Applied over pulse points, Jasmine helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It helps with relaxation during labor and menstrual cycles, and also uplifts mood.

Rose – Do you know just how much it takes to make one 5ml bottle of Rose essential oil? A LOT. 8,000 roses, or 252,000 rose petals to be exact. It has one of the most labor-intensive production processes too. Sourced from Bulgaria, Rose is said to have the highest vibration of the floral oils. Aside from making a wonderful and romantic personal fragrance, Rose is uplifting, assists in balancing moisture levels of the skin, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, and has very powerful immune-supporting properties.

Neroli – First came bitter orange, then came Petitgrain, and now we have Neroli! Why do I mention Petitgrain and bitter orange? Because they all come from the same plant – talk about getting the most and leaving no waste! Neroli comes from the flower of the bitter orange tree (Petitgrain comes from the leaf and twig, and bitter orange comes from the fruit). What’s even more remarkable about doTERRA’s Neroli is that it is sourced from trees in Egypt that have not been touched since 642 AD. Pretty cool, huh? Neroli promotes a positive mood, may help reduce anxious feelings, soothes the skin, promotes relaxation, supports a healthy intestinal inflammatory response, is helpful during the late stages of pregnancy, has aphrodisiac properties, and even more.

Having these oils offered as 10ml prediluted rollers (diluted with fractionated coconut oil, or FCO) keeps them affordable, convenient, as well as effective. Research indicates that using essential oils diluted actually increases their efficacy by helping the essential oil penetrate the skin and not evaporate on the surface of it. Carrier oils, such as FCO, also promote slower and better absorption than neat application.

Jasmine is $42 wholesale and $56 retail; Rose is $75 wholesale and $100 retail; Neroli is $47 wholesale and $62.67 retail. You can see that the $35 annual membership fee to become a Wholesale Customer makes good sense here, and then you get 25% off all your other purchases for the next year.

These oils are just beautiful, so if you’re a loyal doTERRA user, they’re now available to you. If you have not ordered before, send me an email and I’ll help you get set up. These ones are too good to miss!