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ioncleanse footbath successA while back I wrote about the AMD IonCleanse – a type of ionic footbath that primarily functions as a detox tool. We have seen great results with the footbath in our patients at RestorMedicine, and I have been fortunate to have heard numerous other stories of ioncleanse footbath success from my readers too. Dave Borden is one such reader. He is a father of a child on the autism spectrum, and has been using the IonCleanse for several months with his son. Dave has a website called I’m Simply a Dad. Today he shares with us his experience of incorporating IonCleanse into his son’s health regimen.

The past couple of days has perfectly personified our lives living with a child with autism. We had an unbelievable win but were quickly brought back to reality in less than a day. When you choose to treat autism holistically like we do, the ups and downs seem to occur much more frequent and sometimes within the same day. Our newest treatment tool is the Ion Cleanse system.

How Can a Footbath Treat Autism?

The Ion Cleanse is a tool that can assist in detoxification. Lab testing has revealed a heavy toxic burden for my 11 year old son. We’ve spent years trying to support his detox pathways with little movement. Supplementation was too weak while chelation proved too strong. His body was not able to cope with the rapid detox, and we saw a huge negative reaction with chelation. The Ion Cleanse helps clear up blocked detox pathways and assists with the elimination of harmful things like heavy metals. Only this system is a much gentler method of detoxification.


If you’re feeling skeptical about the Ion Cleanse, I have to admit that I was also highly skeptical when we started. In fact, had we not won a free Ion Cleanse system through Generation Rescue, I honestly don’t know that we would have ever given it serious consideration.  It’s been 6 months since we started using the Ion Cleanse system to treat my son’s autism, and I am now a firm believer in this detox tool.

After 6 Months of Using the Ion Cleanse for Autism

We have seen some really incredible things out of my son. After 6 months we have seen progress in these areas:

  1. Engagement is up
  2. He’s initiating play more often
  3. Communication has improved
  4. Receptive language is off the charts

It’s not been all positive though. Any time you start a detox protocol with kids on the autism spectrum, you can expect to see some regression. While the Ion Cleanse is a gentler tool, it still has triggered some negative issues as well. In the interest of full transparency, we’ve also seen the following regressions after 6 months:

  1. Self Injurious Behavior has returned
  2. Aggression & Meltdowns are more frequent
  3. Unexplained Bedtime Cries
  4. OCD/Anxiety spikes after a round of treatments

For the most part, these negative issues only occur at the latter end of an Ion Cleanse round. This tells me that these regressions are a detox reaction and that the footbaths are actually doing something to help lessen his toxic load.

For full details on the progression and regression we are seeing in my son, check out my full 6-month report. I discuss the good, the bad, the awful, and the amazing in this article. You’ll read about our uplifting moments as well as a couple heartbreaking struggles.

Remember, I’m not a doctor. I’m Simply a Dad stating his opinion and experience with the Ion Cleanse system. If you’ve never heard of this tool before, Nicola has written a great overview here on Naturopathic Mama. I also have an in-depth article on what it is and how it works. I also discuss some of the research behind treating autism with the Ion Cleanse in that article.

We plan to continue using the Ion Cleanse for the foreseeable future. Please follow our journey towards health, hope, & healing on Facebook or Instagram, and I plan to write 9-month and 1-year updates on my site as well. Thank you for reading. Be Well!