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The Easiest Juice In The WorldI love fresh vegetable juice, I really do. But as a busy, working Mum, the truth of the matter is that if left to my own devices, getting a fresh juice in 5 days a week simply doesn’t happen. First there’s making sure I have enough of all the right produce, washing it, cutting it up, then juicing it; with the resulting huge mess to clean up. Call me super-duper-ultra lazy, but it’s enough work to have me not doing it. Juicero, on the other hand, gives me the easiest juice in the world. 2 minutes, no clean up, fresh organic juice. I’m hooked.

Juicero is a cold-press juicer. Where they are unique is that they put fresh, raw, organic produce in individual serving packs. There are a range of different flavors, some all vegetable, some a mix of fruits and vegetables. There is nothing but fresh produce in the pack – no water, additives or preservatives.

Each day, I take a sachet or pack out of the fridge. I open the Juicero door, hang the pack up on the hooks, close the door, push the button and WHOOOOOOSH. The produce is smooshed and lovely juice flows into the cup. I open the door, remove the pouch, toss it in the big, and voila, I’m all done. No clean up, no mess. Just lovely, organic juice. The packs have a breathable membrane so they stay fresh longer, but still, once the packs arrive, I have just a few days to use them.

So far the blends I have tried have been delicious. The plain greens was a tad boring, but the spicy greens were delicious. My favorite so far is called Glojito, which contains spinach, kale, pear, mint and fennel.

The technology around the whole system is quite fancy. The machine itself pairs with the app on my phone. It reads which packs I have consumed and will not let me juice an expired pouch. From the app I can change my flavor selection, shipping date etc. Right now though, each week it automatically ships me 5 pouches of my choice, which is perfect. They arrive with freezer packs in an insulated box.

The biggest drawback of the system is the cost. The machine was $399, and the pouches are $5-6 each. The way I see it though, is that I’d rather drink a $6 juice daily than a $5 latte daily. So I make coffee at home, make my lunch at home, and I spend that money on juice. Besides, what price do we pay for our health?

I’m not affiliated with Juicero in any way, but I have a couple of friends who are on the fence about it, and thought others might be too, so I thought I’d write about my experience. I adore mine, I’m very happy with everything about the service so far, the recipes are delicious and they seem to be introducing some new blends. I give it 2 thumbs up.