Could Lyme Disease Be Causing All Your Chronic Health Issues? Find Out With This Six-minute Lyme Questionnaire.

20% Off Online Course - Infections and Behavioral Issues In Children

I wanted to let you know that for the month of April, I am offering 20% off my online course, Five Infections That Can Cause Behavioral Issues in Children!

Do you have a child, or know someone with a child, who struggles with behavioral issues? Cognitive challenges? Mood fluctuations? Other neurological issues?

My new online course, Five Infections That Can Cause Behavioral Issues in Children, will help you to understand one possible cause of such issues – chronic, underlying infections. And as an introductory special I am offering you 20% for the month of April.

The 2 ½  hour online class covers the following topics:

  • How infections can cause behavioral changes
  • Five key infections –
  1. Strep
  2. Candida
  3. Clostridia
  4. Borrelia (Lyme)
  5. Bartonella
  • What they are
  • How we test for them
  • How we treat them
  • Supplement dosage guidelines broken down by age range
  • Resources for finding practitioners to help

I have also included a free bonus webinar entitled “Using Essential Oils For Healthy Neurological Development in Children” – because I think this is important information for parents to have, and I have seen children’s behavior, cognition and neurological development change profoundly using essential oils. They’re a great addition to any health care regimen.

There are 2 ways you can take this course.

  1. DIY learning – get access to all the lessons, downloadable audio files, and PDF files of all the notes; plus the dosage guidelines chart and the Essential Oil lecture.

Cost: $97 (now $77.60 for the month of April)

  1. Comprehensive module – all of the above PLUS:
  • Signed lab orders for the five tests and test kits sent directly to you
  • Written interpretation of the results when they come in so you understand what the results mean for your child specifically
  • This is designed for parents who are having trouble finding a doctor to order the tests for them, or haven’t run these tests yet. (cost of testing is not included, contact me for more information about that).

Cost: $297 (now $223.20 for the month of April)

For the month of April – you can get 20% off either course by using the code APRIL20.

Click here for more information and to register.