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New Supplement H2 Absorb is Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory and EnergizingThis past weekend I got to experience a new product that I see being a huge booster for people’s health – ranging from the chronically ill to healthy but just flat out busy, tired mums! It’s called H2 Absorb. This new supplement H2 Absorb is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and energizing. It’s a powerful antioxidant that works wonders in the body.

New research has shown that Molecular Hydrogen – i.e. Two hydrogen atoms put together into one molecule, is a powerful antioxidant that selectively targets one of the most damaging free radicals – the hydroxyl group. Well ok great, but there are lots of anti-oxidants out there, what makes this one so special?

One of the great advantages of molecular hydrogen is that it can permeate into every part of the cell- into the mitochondria, even into the nucleus of the cell. It can cross the blood brain barrier, unlike many antioxidants. In fact, once taken in through this water-based delivery system, it is speeding all around the body through the bloodstream, flushing cells with healthy regenerative molecules within minutes.

Free radicals are an inherent part of human biochemistry, and for that matter, not all free radicals are bad – some are needed in the body. However, excess free radicals means too much oxidative stress, which can lead to higher levels of inflammation, residual metabolites such as lactic acid that hinder recovery from exercise and can cause muscle aches and weakness, and accelerated aging.

H2 Absorb couldn’t be easier to take either. It comes in small, individually packaged tablets. You simply drop one in a full bottle of water, reseal the bottle to keep the gas in, and let the tablet dissolve. Then you drink it as soon as possible thereafter. It doesn’t taste like much, you can taste a slight change in the water flavor but nothing unpleasant, it’s kinda bubbly, but wow, did I ever feel the difference within minutes of drinking it. My brain got clear and more focussed, I felt a boost in energy, and I could just feel my whole system getting a little more vibrant. Very few things would give that rapid feedback and benefit. Other colleagues of mine at the conference were reporting the same effects – one person even said her vision was noticibly clearer when she went back into the lectures.

I see this being a huge benefit to my patients, but I know that even as a healthy person, I’ll be taking one of these a couple of times a day – there’s no limit to the levels of energy and brain clarity I want to feel!

You can click here to read more about it – a box contains 60 tablets, which is a 30-day supply. I have always loved Researched Nutritionals for the high-quality supplements they create, and always on the cutting edge of research and science. They’re a company that I can always confidently stand behind.