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The New Face of SerenityLast post we talked about sleep hygiene and the importance of maintaining good sleep habits and a reliable sleep schedule. Sometimes, the reality is that good quality sleep is not forthcoming, and we need a little help along the way. Natural sleep aids are the safest way to help, without many of the side effects and even addiction potential of pharmaceuticals. I have been fortunate to try a new line of sleep supplements that has just been released, and I have to say I’m loving them. The new face of Serenity essential oil blend, and the brand new Serenity Restful blend capsules, have me sleeping like a baby!

The original Serenity Calming blend has always been a favorite in our household – my daughter will literally bring the bottle to me when she’s tired and ask me to rub it on her feet. It contains Lavender Flower, Sweet Marjoram Leaf, Roman Chamomile Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oils and Vanilla Bean Absolute. It has a very floral scent which to me is dominated by the lavender. Historically, for myself, I would combine the Serenity blend with Vetiver and/ or Cedarwood, having to make my own roller bottles from those three bottles. Now, I’m excited to say that doTerra as revamped the Serenity Calming blend, and it is now Serenity Restful blend. It contains all the same essential oils as the original Serenity blend, in addition to Cedarwood, Vetiver and Hawaiian Sandalwood. Those three oils are very earthy and woody – they contain a lot of those deep, woody base notes, giving it a really beautiful scent – a perfect combination of floral and woody. Those woody base notes also represent a make up that is deeply calming to the nervous system, quite sedating, and longer lasting than just the floral notes. That is what makes these oils perfect for helping with sleep. This new Serenity blend is one of my favorites.

That was already great news to me, but it gets even better! In conjunction with the new Serenity oil blend, there is a new sleep support supplement called Serenity Restful Complex Softgels. I have been using the two together and they work so well. The softgels contain the essential oil Lavender, obviously a first choice for a sleep aid. They also contain L-theanine. L-theanine is a non-protein amino acid found in green tea. It is structurally similar to the neurotransmitters glutamate and GABA, both of which are calming for the nervous system; and it has been long known to help promote restful sleep. The capsules also contain botanical extracts from chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower – all favorites for sleep and relaxation. doTerra carried out a six-week, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of the sleep complex. Subjects reported highly significant improvements in their ability to fall asleep more easily, and also wake up more easily feeling refreshed and alert in the morning.

I can vouch for how well these two sleep helpers work together, and have definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep quality. I take two of the softgels before bed, and also apply the Serenity Restful blend to the soles of my feet. I’ll often put some in the diffuser too, and run that overnight.

Sleep problems seem to be such a prevalent issue these days, with many of us not getting enough sleep, and/or good quality sleep. Prescription sleep aids can be quite problematic, and even over-the-counter options can have unwanted side effects. That is why it is so great to find natural, safe products that really work to help promote restful sleep.

These products will be released to everyone in the next few days. You can order here, or email me if you would like to set up a wholesale account so that you can get 25% off your purchases for a year.