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Three remedies for staving off a coldThis past weekend we flew to Australia to see family, to arrive and find out that they had all been sick and/or were currently sick with upper respiratory infections. It’s winter there so many people have the winter colds and flus. My nieces had it, passed it to my sister, who passed it to Mum, then on to me and Dave. Valentina has stayed the healthiest of everyone – not even a cough or a sniffle (touch wood!). Must be the preschool immunity she has built up. I have a few favorites that I reach for when I’m exposed to germs, and this week was no different. Here are my favorite three remedies for staving off a cold and this is how I’ve not gone down in a heap this week. Granted I’m still coughing and sniffling a bit, and I feel that my immune system is working pretty hard, but I haven’t got “properly” sick as the others have.

Three Remedies For Staving Off a Cold

1. OnGuard – this is an essential oil blend that is great for supporting the immune system and countering seasonal threats. I put 2 drops in a small amount of water, gargle with it, then swallow it. I usually add 3-4 more drops to my mix (below) and drink it down, so that I’m getting 5 drops four times a day. I only dose that high in acute situations, but it definitely works great.

2. Fresh Garlic – I developed a fresh garlic tincture mostly for my chronically ill patients who suffer from various infections but it’s a great choice for any condition where the immune system needs a helping hand. I do 3-4 drops in a small amount of water – it tastes good, and it’s one of the best things for staving off seasonal bugs.

3. BioCidin – this is a herbal blend by a company called Bio-Botanical – it has a range of immune-boosting herbs, as well as some oils of galbanum and lavender. It has quite a sweet taste, so it’s easy to take! I’ve been doing 2 droppersful of that one in my mix, which is a lot, but again, I’m determined not to let this bug get the upper hand!

The combination of these three is doing the trick. If I were home and had them accessible, I’d also be taking Transfer Factor Multi-immune to boost the immune system, and olive leaf extract for immune and as a good anti-viral, and quite possibly liposomal C as well. But the triple potion is working well and it’s what I have on hand. My husband is doing the same as me, and Valentina is just getting On Guard on her feet. I’m doing this four times a day, which may seem like a lot, but I always dose high and frequently when I know I’m in a battle with a virus and I want to come out ahead!