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summer essential oil specialsIf you have been thinking about integrating essential oils into your home and health care routine, now is the perfect time!   I am offering two amazing summer essential oil specials. I’m in the mood for giving stuff away so here it is!

Summer Essential Oil Specials

Special #1 – Introduction to Essential Oils


  • Family Physician Kit with 10 different oils or blends (lemon, lavender, peppermint, oregano, melaleuca, frankincense, Protective Blend, Soothing Blend, Digestive Blend and Respitory Blend – 5mL bottles
  • Two bottles of beadlets – Protective blend and peppermint (these are tiny little softgels that you can pop in your purse and have for on-the-go, pop one or two in your mouth and chew for fresh breath and a quick immune boost)
  • A beautiful hard-back book called Essential Living that guides you in how to utilize your oils
  • A Breezy diffuser
  • An all-natural bug repellent spray based on essential oils

All of these goodies total $150 plus tax and shipping.  This is a $250 retail value.


Special #2 – Trim it Up Kit


  • 1 tub of vanilla Trim Shake (protein powder); 1 tub of chocolate Trim Shake.
  • 4 bottles of Metabolic blend.
  • 1 Breezy diffuser
  • 1 Essential Living book
  • 1 gift set of 5mL bottles of lemon, lavender and peppermint

This set of goodies is $185 plus tax and shipping. This is a $280 retail value.


Email me to get the wheels in motion. Essential oils are such a blessing and so useful both for the house and in family health care. You won’t regret it!

These specials are valid until the end of July and are for first-time purchasers of essential oils. These kits make amazing gifts too, so even if you already have an essential oil account you can purchase one for someone else.