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Three Essential Oils That Can Make You More AlertIt’s Monday morning, and after a long and fun weekend, my brain is still in Friday mode.  I have to remind it that indeed, it’s Monday and needs to get going.  I have a few tricks that I use to get in ‘go’ mode for the start of the week.  The first thing I do when I get up is take a shot of liposomal glutathione, and I definitely utilize my essential oils too.  Here are three essential oils that can make you more alert:-


Frankincense is so amazing for the brain and the nervous system overall.  It’s good for maintaining healthy levels of inflammation in the body and brain, and can give us a real pick-me-up, making us more alert and able to focus.  Frankincense is high in sequester-ends, constituents that can cross the blood-brain barrier and contribute to a healthier brain!

I like to take frankincense directly under my tongue – just a couple of drops each morning, and sometimes in the afternoon too.  For those who find that too strong, it can also be put in a glass of water and drank, or in an empty capsule and swallowed.


I never used to use peppermint for alertness, but one day my neck felt a bit tight and tense, so I put a drop in my palms, rubbed them together and applied it on the back of my neck and shoulders.  Holy smokes, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed within a minute or two – it was very alivening and made me incredibly energized and alert.  It also took away that feeling of tension in my neck very effectively!  I love the smell of peppermint, so I do that trick quite regularly now and it never fails me.  The added bonus is that my breathing is also really clear and easy.

Citrus oils

Citrus oils are known to be energizing and uplifting, and I definitely utilize them for this.  I find that the major benefit of citrus oils is prolonged focus and concentration.  I diffuse citrus oils when I’m writing my book manuscript, or doing something else that requires ongoing brain power – it helps me power through and not get so distracted.  Citrus oils include wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, and bergamot (if I were to choose one of those I’d choose wild orange for this purpose).  I have a citrus blend that I buy already made, which also includes a hint of vanilla, which I just love.  I mostly put that one in the diffuser although sometimes I’ll just rub a drop on my hands and then on my shoulders too.  It makes for a nice, natural, non-toxic perfume!

Essential oils can be invigorating and energizing, or calming and relaxing, depending on their chemical make up.  These particular ones are my three favorites for being more alert.  They’re great to use in the morning and can so quickly and easily be applied – either just a drop on the palms of the hands and rubbed together, or put in a diffuser so that the whole family gets the benefit!