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My Three Favorite Supplements For AthletesPeople who do a lot of athletic and fitness-oriented activities are helping themselves in a thousand different ways, and yet working out can put slightly more demand on our bodies.  I do not take a huge number of supplements geared towards fitness specifically, but I have a few favorites that I do take every day.  I run 3-4 miles Monday through Friday, and I definitely feel that a little bit of extra support helps me with energy and post-workout recovery.  I also wrote last week about Bulletproof coffee and how I felt I was getting a bit of a boost from that.  On top of that, these are my three favorite supplements for athletes:

1). Energy Multiplex – this is a formula that provides both adrenal support and mitochondrial support.  When we work out, cortisol levels naturally rise to help us get the energy boost we need to carry ourselves through our work out.  We also need our adrenals to pump out adrenaline when we work out to help boost our heart rate and send blood to our limbs, rather than our organs.  Herbs such as rhodiola and ginseng, both found in this formula, help to keep our adrenals energized and yet balanced – not overstimulated all the time.  There is also some CoQ10 in there, which is a great nutrient for our heart, and is important for energy production.  The mitochondria are the little powerhouses of our cells that churn out ATP (energy) so giving them nutrient support is great too during times of increased activity.

2)  Metabolic Blend – I love taking a few drops of a metabolic essential oil blend before my workouts.  It gives me a boost in energy, but also helps my blood sugar to stay well regulated.  Oils that help support healthy blood sugar and metabolism include cinnamon, lemon, peppermint, ginger and grapefruit.  One can get all of those oils and put them in water and drink, or add them to an empty capsule.  I like to buy the metabolic blend already made so that it’s quick and easy.

3). Soothe and Relaxx – this is a formula that I take after workouts, and usually again before bed.  It contains a wide array of nutrients – glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronic acid – all for healthy joints and connective tissues; magnesium and malic acid to help relax the muscles and flush out the metabolic waste products such as lactic acid; 5-HTP, Passion flower, chamomile and other herbs to relax the nervous system; and herbal anti-inflammatories such as white willow, curcumin and holy basil to reduce post-exercise inflammation.  It really is one of my favorite formulas, and helps support restful sleep too, when taken before bed.

You can find Energy Multiplex and Soothe and Relaxx on my practice’s online store here.  For the Metabolic Blend, contact me and I’ll let you know how you can get that.

Working out is great, making our work outs feel easier by giving our bodies some bigh-quality nutrient assistance is ever better!!  In many years of trying various supplements, these are the formulas that have become my favorites and give me the most value in my work outs.