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Five uses for lavender essential oilLavender essential oil is perhaps the best known and loved essential oil.  In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking and as a perfume, giving it a long and illustrious history.  Today it’s popularity continues, so I’m going to highlight five uses for lavender essential oil so that you can get the most out of this lovely natural remedy:-

1.  Soothes occasional skin blemishes – most of us get break outs and skin irritations from time to time.  I have put lavender oil on spots and seen them disappear overnight!  A drop of lavender could also be added to a tub of moisturizer so that you get the benefit of it every single application!

2.  Soothes the irritation of insect bites – mosquito and bug bites can get inflamed and be very itchy.  Lavender is a good soothing oil to help calm the skin.  That’s true for bee stings too.

3.  Relaxes and destresses the system – there’s nothing like the floral scents of lavender to relax the nervous system and help us release any unwanted tension at the end of our day!  I like to diffuse it when I get home from work as it seems to calm everyone in the household!!  I put a drop of lavender and a drop of Ylang Ylang in Valentina’s bath every night – there’s nothing like a calm, relaxed toddler to make the night more peaceful!

4.  Promotes healthy sleep – this is possibly lavender’s most popular use – a few drops on the soles of the feet before bed, or in a nice hot bath, relaxes us and helps promote a healthy, refreshing sleep.  Some people put a drop on a tissue and put the tissue inside their pillow case.  I love the Calming Blend, which has lavender in it, in the diffuser overnight, so that the benefits continue as I sleep.

5.  In cooking – we don’t usually think of lavender for cooking, but it really adds a unique flavor when used in marinades, sauces, baked goods and dessert.  It also helps to soften the flavors of citrus, so those two combine well.  I think some gluten-free muffins with some lavender added to the mix sounds delicious right now.

Lavender is such a versatile oil, it is a must-have for the household.  Of course I only use the highest quality, purest lavender so that I get the absolute best results from it.  If you have not tried a really good lavender oil, please write to me with your address and I will happily send you a sample!