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Essential Oils to Support DetoxificationEssential oils have so many different uses, and one of my favorites is to help us detoxify.  Toxins naturally build up in our systems through air, food, water and even our own metabolism, and while we have good systems in place in our own bodies to deal with them, the fact is that often we take in more than our body can comfortably handle.  In that case, toxins can build up and impact how we feel – our energy, sleep patterns, moods and much more.  I have a few favorites when using essential oils to support detoxification:-


One of the best known cleansers, lemon oil in water is a great way to kick off the day in terms of energy and detoxification.  Put a few drops in a glass of water before breakfast and after lunch.  You can also use lemon in a spray bottle with water for cleaning since it’s so cleansing.


Similar to lemon, grapefruit is a good cleanser and also a good metabolic support.  I like adding grapefruit to my after-lunch shot, which comprises grapefruit, lemon, a metabolic blend and a digestive blend.  I really feel that grapefruit oil helps me to keep my weight at a healthy place.


Cilantro oil is good for dealing with heavy metal toxins in the body.  Toxic metals can lead to fatigue, foggy brain, headaches and neurological problems.  Lemon and cilantro go nicely together for this purpose.  Some people will take chlorella too to bind any metals that are released and a good fish oil is important also (2 grams daily).


Juniper has an affinity for the kidneys and urinary system, which of course is one of our natural detoxification systems.  I have seen juniper help support healthy kidney function and healthy urination through its action as a natural diuretic.  Juniper is also very high in antioxidants which helps to keep all our cells healthy.


As well as being a lovely relaxing oil and calming for the neurological system, geranium also helps detox by keeping the fluids moving throughout the body.  This means supporting the kidneys and also supporting the lymphatic system.  Geranium also helps to keep hormones balanced (our liver has to detoxify many of our hormones so those two things do go together!).

You can use any or all of these oils individually, or there is a Detoxification Blend that comes ready made that I like.  It can be ingested, and I also know some people who apply it directly over their liver area.

We all need to keep tabs on helping our natural detoxification processes to stay fit, healthy and vibrant – essential oils are a safe, natural and cost-effective method to help with this.