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imageHi everyone!  I’m in the beautiful Dominican Republic this week – it doesn’t much feel like we deserved a vacation after almost 3 weeks in Australia, but I had won a trip and it was scheduled for this week so we decided not to pass up the opportunity.   It’s amazing how friendly and happy the people are here, they all clearly love children, and Valentina is happily running around saying “hola” to anyone who will glance her way!!  It’s nice to get into a different culture – I don’t know Spanish well, we were never taught that in Australian schools; and everyone here in the resorts does speak English very well.  Tourism is obviously a large part of their economy.

There were several excursions on offer this week, such as speed boat racing in the harbor, and four-wheel driving/ off-roading … Nothing we could safely do with a toddler in tow, so we are lounging around the pool, going to the beach, spending time on our balcony which overlooks the ocean and pool.  Valentina is in heaven as she loves nothing more than to swim.

The Internet connection is horrible so you won’t hear much more from me until I get home again this weekend.  But alas, the pace of life here is just so different and the wi-fi follows suit!!

Have a great week and I’ll see you next Monday for Medical Monday!

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