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Supporting Amalgam Filling RemovalAmalgam fillings (the silver-colored fillings that are used to fill dental cavities) are definitely something that can compromise our health.  They are a source of mercury, which can leach into the body for many years after they were put in place.  I have seen many people’s health improve when they had their amalgam fillings taken out – headaches, foggy brain, fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, muscle aches and other neurological issues have all improved and even resolved in some of the patients I’ve seen.  There are a few things you can do in terms of supporting amalgam filling removal though, to protect the body from escaping toxins, and support its detox capabilities:-

(1)  First and foremost is to make sure you are working with a biological dentist who is well versed in amalgam removal, using the appropriate vent systems, dental dams etc.  Nothing would be worse than trying to do the right thing by having amalgams removed, only to find that the mercury has been stirred up and could create an even more toxic threat for your body.  Find a biological dentist here.  Read Dr. Mercola’s article on biological dentistry here.

(2)  Preload with good nutrients to support detox:-

  • Vitamin E – 400IU daily.
  • Selenium – 200mcg daily.
  • Sun Chlorella – 10 tablets daily.
  • Lemon and cilantro essential oils – put 3-4 drops in a capsule each day and swallow.
  • Liposomal Glutathione – 1 teaspoon daily on empty stomach.
  • Liposomal C (C-RLA) – 1 tablespoon daily.

(3)  On the day of amalgam removal:-

  • Take 20 chlorella tablets prior to removal.
  • After removal, chew on 2-3 tablets, rinse your mouth and spit out. Do not swallow.
  • Take double doses of Glutathione and C-RLA – morning and night.

(4)  For the following two months:-

  • Continue with chlorella, glutathione, liposomal C, lemon oil and cilantro oil.
  • Depending on urine testing for mercury levels, consider working with an integrative doctor or naturopath to add DMSA 250mg three times daily, 3 consecutive days per week, with 4 days break in between.  This is a mercury chelator and will help to bring elevated levels down.
  • Multimineral complex – take twice recommended dose on 4 “off” (non-DMSA) days.

I feel very fortunate that our family dentist knew not to use amalgam fillings even 40 years ago when I was a kid (I just really dated myself didn’t I?!).  So I have always had composite fillings.  Sadly, there are still a lot of amalgam fillings put in worldwide, and in the United States anyway, most of the time insurance will only cover amalgams, so anyone choosing composite material has to pay for it out of their own pocket.

Certainly, you’d be best off not having any amalgam fillings put in from this point forward.  It could also make a huge difference to your health long term to have any current ones removed and do some heavy metal detox to clean up any toxicity that has been created so far.