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canstockphoto5634132People often ask me what my own supplement routine looks like.  It does vary depending on what’s going on in my life- I’ll do a burst of detox support, some anti-Candida stuff, hormone balancing or fertility-related things.  But there are some core things that I never skip, no matter what.

The first thing I do when I wake up is take my thyroid pill (T3/ T4 bio-identical, extended release form).  That’s meant to be one hour before any food, so I try to get it in the minute I wake up.  With it I also take chlorophyll, just as a daily detox support.

Then I go to the kitchen and about 15 minutes later will take Liposomal Glutathione – I feel it gives me energy for the day, and gets my brain alert and functioning (which is a good thing).  I’ll also take my morning shot at that time – 5 drops each of lemon, grapefruit and a metabolic oils blend.  Yup, if I’m not fully awake already I will be after that!  About 30 minutes later I’ll also have my coffee which I make with soy creamer and hazelnut stevia, and often I’ll add a tablespoon of coconut oil to that (which if you haven’t tried, you must!).  I run every morning Monday through Friday, so that gives me a bit of extra fuel.

Depending on what kind of phase I’m in, I’ll have a packet of pills made up to take around that time – sometimes it will be detox helpers, sometimes antifungals such as Nystatin or a herbal blend.  If I’m taking any herbal tinctures (again, it’s usually detox or Candida related as they’re the two things I think we all need to be vigilant about all the time, not just when they becomes a real problem).  I tend to take a cellular repair essential oil complex that is already in soft gel form, so it’s convenient to add to my packets.  I make packets up on Sunday and put them in the little ziplock pill baggies I get from CVS.  I have some plain ziplock baggies too (they’re about 1 in x 2 in) so I put my morning pills in the CVS ones and the evening pills in the plain ones, that way I already get them the right way around!

With breakfast I’ll take my multivitamin.  Right now I’m taking Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy (I guess I haven’t given up all hope!) which has a good amount of folate in the methylated form, and also comes with calcium/ magnesium, choline and omega-3’s, all in the same pack.  It’s convenient and if I’m having breakfast on the run or at the office, I can just throw one pack into my purse and go.

I tend not to take anything with lunch.  If I’m at work, and my oils are on the desk right next to me, I’ll take 5 drops each of a digestion blend, the metabolic blend again, and lemon.  It’s my nice after-lunch digestif.  If I’m at home or out and about I usually forget and skip it!

Again, specific supplements that need to be taken twice daily I’ll take again when I get home from work.  I don’t take anything with dinner (other than my “resveratrol” supplement i.e. – a glass of red wine!).

Before bed, I take a really good quality, high-potency probiotic.  Typically it is a capsule that is 100 billion CFU per, and it does not need refrigeration.  I like that because I can put the packet by my bed and take it right before I go to sleep.  If I’ve taken anything after work that has anti-microbial properties, I want at least 2 hours before my probiotic so that the probiotic doesn’t get killed off and wasted!  The one I like is Xymogen’s ProBio DF (dairy free).  It’s great for traveling too.

I also take a sleep support capsule before bed that contains every natural sleep aid known to man – melatonin, 5-HTP, inositol, taurine, valerian, passion flower and California poppy.  That way I’m assured of a sound sleep, and I make sure to get 8 hours most nights.

So that’s about it.  I go through stages of being super-motivated, setting out all my pills in their baggies on a Sunday, trying this new product and that new product (it’s an occupational hazard!).  Right now, having taken so much fertility-related stuff and got supplement fatigue, I’m down to bare bones of glutathione, multivitamin packets, probiotics and sleep support.

What are your very favorite supplements that you can’t go without?