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i choose loveEvery so often we happen across very special people, and make very special friendships.  Steph Armstrong is one of those people for me.  Steph and I met at a church we were both attending – C3 San Diego.  We both love the Lord, but we also had both traveled similar journeys through Landmark Education and also PAX education.  We clicked right away and have been great friends ever since.  Even though Steph and I may only get together a few times a year to catch up, the connection we have will always be there.

Steph has a blog called I Choose Love.  This is very fitting for her, she’s a very special human being.  I have rarely meet such a grounded, centered, peaceful, loving and integrous person.  She’s very real too – her blog illuminates aspects of her life that she’s struggling with, things she’s confronting, to overcome, things she finds joy in and things she finds hope in.  She also runs a non-profit called The Heart of Leadership, in which she inspires and mentors teenage girls, fostering their self-esteem and leadership skills.

I have always felt very privileged to have Steph as a friend.  She’s a very very unique human being.  She was single when I met her, and I always wondered who would be a special enough man to match her and suit her.  Then there was Dave.  He’s an incredible man, an adventurer, a leader, and is now her husband, and we were lucky enough to join them on the cliffs of Big Sur as they joined their lives together.

It was an honor to write a little something for Steph’s blog.  In keeping with her theme of authenticity and courage, I shared a little of myself that is slightly painful, but mostly illuminating.  It is a part of my journey, and  the part that enabled me to become who I am and what I am.  Thank you Steph for allowing me to share, and be in partnership with you.  You influence so many lives and have such purpose, I’ll always appreciate who you are and how you contribute to the world.

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