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natural diy diaper sprayWould you believe we’ve never ever had to use any diaper ointment, not even once? Since Valentina’s birth we have used this safe, natural DIY diaper spray, and it has worked like a charm.

The spray is a water base, and contains the essential oils of lavender and melaleuca. Lavender is very healing and soothing to the skin, while melaleuca is antifungal and antibacterial. Any time we saw any redness develop at all, we gave it a spray and within a couple of hours, the redness went away completely. There have been times that we’ve used it every day more as a preventative, but mostly we just use unscented wipes, and just use the spray if there is any redness or irritation.

I love these safe, natural and inexpensive DIY solutions. We use certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that I know are pure and of the highest quality. I only need to remake the spray bottle every few months, and with the number of drops I put in, it literally costs no more than a dollar each time.

When Valentina was a newborn, I was pretty conscious of wanting the spray very dilute, so I used 10 drops of each oil in a 4 ounce bottle. Nowadays, I’m a bit more generous, adding 1/4 teaspoon of each which is more like 20 drops. Valentina has never had any sensitivity or discomfort when using the spray, plus she thinks it’s a fun game when we spray her.  I have also used the spray for other skin rashes and issues (and on myself when I got a bit too much sun one day).

It is important not to put essential oils in plastic, so we use an aluminum spray bottle like this one.  Theoretically you could use glass too, but that’s not really a good idea around the baby’s change table!  I do use glass bottles for other essential oil blends I use around the house but not things that are specifically for the kiddo.

It was a win for us and a win for her!!  We love our essential oils and love how well they work for the whole family.