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lavender EO bottle and plantEssential oils have become a staple in my household, and there are a few key ones that I use every day. We are blessed with good health, but there are still things that come up in every day life that benefit from the assistance of oils, and I know that essential oils help us to maintain optimal health!

Here are five essential oils I use every day:-

Lavender: so relaxing and calming for the nervous system, lavender is helpful for promoting healthy sleep, and also for calming stressed out feelings and anxiousness. Lavender is also amazing for skin issues. My daughter got a bite the other day that we suspect was a spider bite. I put lavender on it to soothe it. It’s great for rashes, irritations, and on those unfortunate occasions of spending too many hours in the sun (I’ve had a lot of those in my time!).

Frankincense: I’ve talked about frankincense in more detail here, but it’s worth mentioning again for its benefits in managing the inflammatory response. I also love how great frankincense is for the nervous system – happy moods, clear thoughts – that what we all want!! I love it for healthy skin too and use it daily to minimize the ravaging effects of time (and all that aforementioned sun damage!)

Peppermint: I have always used a respiratory blend with my daughter that contains peppermint. Some people prefer not to use peppermint on younger children, however for us, it has not produced any adverse effects, and I feel safe using it. Peppermint is very cooling – in a spray bottle with water it provides a lovely mist on a hot summer day (don’t spray too close to your eyes – ouch!). Because it helps to keep body temperatures down, we use it on the soles of our feet to have that cooling effect throughout the body. Peppermint is very calming for the belly too so it’s good for the digestion.

Lemon: I love lemon oil in my water each morning to assist with detoxification. It is so much more powerful than lemon juice and contains slightly different chemical constituents. Lemon is also a lovely fresh cleansing oil so it can be used to clean surfaces and as an air purifier.

Grapefruit: grapefruit is another oil that I take every day. Lord knows that after having a baby, and being over 40, my metabolism has slowed and it is harder to maintain a healthy weight. Grapefruit gives me that slight edge as well as being cleansing and refreshing. I find it quite energizing and it is a part of my early morning oil “shot”.

There are lots of other oils that I use on a fairly consistent basis, but these ones I use every day in some shape or form.  Valentina’s bath gets a drop of lavender every night (and ylang ylang too), my morning energy shot gets lemon and grapefruit, frankincense goes under my tongue every day.  Peppermint is a part of a digestive blend that I take after lunch to help digestion.  Oils have become a part of my ongoing health regimen and I know they contribute to my energy and wellbeing.