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DIY hand sanitizerI’m not obsessed with hand sanitizer in the same way my toddler is, so I never would have sought out a natural recipe.  Since she is obsessed, and since I’m not keen on her accidentally drinking a bottle full of alcohol (as traditional hand sanitizers are full of) I went looking for the best DIY hand sanitizer that wouldn’t be detrimental for her to be around.

I ended up with a simple mix, I’m not a great chef so it had to be simple.  Even so I learned some things, like- if you’re going to create a gel it would help to have some way to put said gel into teeny tiny bottles.  In that I figured something out – it involved zip-lock baggies with the corner cut off.  Even though not ideal, it was a valid solution to a valid problem (and essential oils are ok in plastic if diluted).  Mamas who bake could use icing piping thingies – since I don’t bake, I had to improvise.

Here’s the most simple recipe you’ll ever find for hand sanitizer:

– 10 tablespoons aloe vera gel

– 8 tablespoons water

– 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E gel

– 20 drops of protective essential oil blend (antimicrobial and cleansing) – message me for the recipe!

Simply mix together in a glass bowl and transfer to little squeeze bottles.  Or put in smaller glass jars and just dip in rather than squeeze out, thus bypassing the problem of jamming the gel into the teeny tiny bottle.

If I can make this, anyone can.  It cost only a few dollars for A LOT of gel!!  And if Valentina eats it, I don’t have to panic that she’ll be toxic from it (or over the limit!).  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!