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canstockphoto15113937Frankincense: the King of Oils!!  Frankincense would have to be one of my very favorite essential oils – in fact, if I ever had to choose just one oil to have, it would be frankincense. I take a few drops each morning for overall health, and I feel better for it.

There are a few key benefits that I love relating to frankincense. The first is that it helps reduce inflammation in the body and can help with various kinds of discomfort. One day I was out running and I tripped on a metal ring on the pavement (genius, I know). My knees were bruised and my right hand was very sore. I ended up having it x-rayed and there was no fracture, but it was pretty badly bruised. The minute I came in from my run that day, I took a few drops of frankincense under my tongue, and immediately I felt a change – the throbbing and aching reduced to a bare minimum. I continued to use if over the next few days and it helped manage the inflammatory response from that fall. I know of other people who apply it over their lower abdomen if they’re experiencing any muscle cramping in that region, and it works like a charm for that too.

The second thing I love it that it supports healthy skin. In my case, that means wrinkles!! I use it topically on my face to slow the hands of time, and I definitely see that it’s helping. Frankincense can also be applied to scars, stretch marks and other skin issues to assist the natural healing process (either undiluted, or mixed with coconut oil to spread over a larger area). Myrrh and helichrysum are other oils that are great for the skin, as are lavender and sandalwood. I have a blend of similar oils in a roller bottle that I apply under my eyes and across my forehead after moisturizing. It has the added benefit of being very relaxing and promoting good quality sleep too when I use it before bed.

Frankincense is probably the best oil I know of for neurological support. It helps with the function of the central nervous system in particular. I work with a patient population who has a lot of challenges in this area, and I’ve seen some staggering responses with frankincense. Whether it be stabilizing erratic brain wave activity, helping with clarity of thinking, or balancing the emotions, frankincense has a lot of benefits to offer.

Frankincense has a long history of being used as a prized and precious essential oil. Historically it was used by the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians in religious ceremonies, and as a resin for balms and salves. And of course, the three wise men brought frankincense to the baby Jesus as an offering. It is a very special oil, and one that I like to keep central in my essential oil daily routine.

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